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If you are looking to purchase with the intent to diversify or increase your income possibilities, you have reached one of the most approachable real estate brokerages in the area. We help you to compare and understand all the possibilities in order to maximize your return over the investment (ROI). Through us and with our partner 1 Rental Solution, they will manage your property and you could:

  • Maximize your investment returns with monthly cash flow along with property appreciation.

  • Track anything related to your investment on a web portal with detailed cash flow of rent, paying owners and expenses along with ticketing system for tenant needs, this means efficiency and transparency in all aspects of your investment.

  • Marketing, advertising in all major rent sites (MLS,, Zillow, Trulia, to name a few) exposing our properties to more prospect tenants. Our tenant acquisition is quick!

  • Thorough tenant screening- Credit and criminal background check, income verification and verification of rent.

  • Rental unit preparation and inspection-  Move-in and move-out inspections are thorough and transparent.  All records are maintained in a protected cloud based technology, avoiding disputes.

  • Repair and maintenance issues are reported in our web portal ticketing system and are resolved in most of the cases by in-house staff.  We can provide faster responses for the tenant with records and less expensive for the landlord.

  • Leases and Lease Renewal Preparation- Our leases are tailored by attorneys paying specific attention to details and all is included with our services.

  • We collect and distribute the rent funds fast.  With the use of our web portal, our tenants easily make payments and our staff is able to pay owners within 5 business days after collecting the rent’s dues.

  • Rule enforcement- we help ensure that your tenants adhere to any norms you have established.

  • Inspections- we perform periodic inspections, your property value and maintenance is our priority.